June 4


We are learning  about super  subtraction strategies

-jumped straight-counting on       -counting back  (numner liners)

-regrouping-algorithms(flip flops)

-the biggest number goes first

-space lnvdaders -place value target                                                            -make to next/10/100/1000

-Making zero

– subtraction and addtio family

I learnt how to use a number line and I learnt about a game called space invaders.



April 23

3D shapes



We at learning about  3D shapes pyramids and prisms.  We were learning to use a protractor.

The are 3 different triangles scalene triangles, isosceles triangles,equilateral triangles.

We are also learning the 3✖️ tables.

scalene triangles have 3 unequal angles, 3 unequal sides

isoceles triangles have 2 sides equal length


acute-less 90.

obtuse-more than 90.


All the the triangles  equal 180 o