December 2

Week reflection

Least night we had a concert and my class song was Animal. We had every class doing a song. The teachers did a dance the song was Thriller.

We did a writing workshop. We wrote a book for our new buddies for when we are in grade 6.

November 11

Week reflection

Yesterday a guest speaker came and spoke to us about sustainable living .my group found out about rsikiling worter and whot they are dowind.

an interesting thing I found out from anther group was whot pawer a wind mill .

one thing I,m going to do differently for now on is do not yous plastic botils

October 28

Week reflection

On Friday we did a performance in the morning. We have been learning it all week. I have learned what a rhombus is. It is a square that is leaning on the side. I have learned some new shapes names and on Thursday we we had the fun run I got 16 laps. We have been writing a book for the new preppys and my book is about robots on an adventure.

September 9

Week 9 Reflection

On Wednesday we did the Science expo. I was confident and I did not need cue cards. I had a model and I did coding and robotics and I had a good explanation. I remembered what I had to say and at the end I was exhausted from the long wait.

This is my poster .


Here is a diagram of a robot.