October 24

Might me

This term we have Been doing mighty me. Here is a definition for it A variety fo influence our health wellbeing including physical mellbing social spiritual and these impact on our everyday life

my goals are

1.to run out side

2.bracktes basketball and work harder at basketball trane

3.spen more time out side after school days.

this is what we had to do in me in a minute and here are the scores that I got. The 1 Rowe is the estimation the the 2 is what I got on the day.

June 26


Today we did a vote are party was called P.E.P.P we did not get in the first for. But 2 people ware not there in the 2 seshon from are group.

Here is the youting list


We got 13 pontes but we did are best. At the table we had music and we had a poster and a blog up so you can reedy what we have done for are 1 blog post.

May 9


In class we have been reading the night they stormed eureka
We had to write information about eureka and most of the old language.



The question that I was thinking about what happen to the big gold nugget?