March 9

All about me

Hi, you found my blog!

Here are some of the things I do.

1. I like to play videos games and I have an Xbox.  This two of the games I play:

2. I have a YouTube channel

3. I like to make videos

4.  I am playing basketball

5. I like food a lot, I eat everything except for vegetables, they are disgusting!

6. My favourite movies are the marvel movies and transformers

7. I have a dog called Enzo

8. I like to be inside playing  electronic  games. I am good at technology

9.  I am not a fan of school because the work is boring

10. My favourite animal is a honey badger.

11. I am 20cm taller than my teacher I am 177cm.

12. I am the tallest in the class because my dad is tall.

13. My name is from Irish which is Deegan

14. I am do not like reading because I cannot read tricky books.

15. I am the eldest in the family.

16. I have two younger brothers.

So now you know a bit more about me!


2 thoughts on “All about me

  1. Amelia

    Hi Deegan.
    I didn’t know if this comment was from this year or last. I hope this is the updated version, but if not, oh-well. I have to agree with you that vegetables are disgusting. My least favourite is asparagus! 😥 I love the sizzling start introduction, and the ending. Maybe next time you could add some more detail to your blog posts. Like explaining what part of school you find boring.
    Kind Regards,


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