June 26


Today we did a vote are party was called P.E.P.P we did not get in the first for. But 2 people ware not there in the 2 seshon from are group.

Here is the youting list


We got 13 pontes but we did are best. At the table we had music and we had a poster and a blog up so you can reedy what we have done for are 1 blog post.

May 9


In class we have been reading the night they stormed eureka
We had to write information about eureka and most of the old language.



The question that I was thinking about what happen to the big gold nugget?

December 2

Week reflection

Least night we had a concert and my class song was Animal. We had every class doing a song. The teachers did a dance the song was Thriller.

We did a writing workshop. We wrote a book for our new buddies for when we are in grade 6.